Eliminate wasted time and extra hassle by printing and filling out the proper forms before you and your child come for their first appointment at NJ Neurology and meet with Dr. Kulikova.

From an initial visitation packet to forms regarding your child's behavior or dreams, you will find everything you need to be prepared for your first visit. Make sure you arrive 10 minutes early and bring your insurance card.

Come to your appointment prepared

Diagnosing a child's condition based on one visit can be very difficult, depending on the disorder, because in many cases a pattern of occurrence needs to be established in order to form an educated opinion.

If you think your child has ADHD or suffers from chronic migraines, you should print out the corresponding forms and have them filled out before you come to help Dr. Kulikova put together an accurate picture of the situation.

Assist in your child's diagnosis

Comprehensive Forms

Dr. Romana Kulikova

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